Switzerland offers not only free and compulsory education until completion of the ninth year but its education and training offerings at secondary level 2 and tertiary level are extraordinarily affordable, when an international comparison is made. Only attendance at private school is expensive and that is because all costs incurred must usually be paid by the candidate's family.

Despite the low cost of studying or training in Switzerland, it is often very expensive for Swiss abroad due to the high cost of living and currency differences. In order to avoid serious financial difficulties during your education or training and to be able to concentrate on learning, it is advisable that you deal with the financing before you begin your course in Switzerland.

In principle in Switzerland your parents are legally responsible for paying for your initial training. If they can prove (by submission of tax or income declaration) that they are not in a position to finance your initial education, then it may be possible to apply for a scholarship.

Please check in your parents' residence country about the possibility of a scholarship.

Cantonal Scholarships

Young Swiss abroad have usually the possibility to apply, for their education or training in Switzerland, for a scholarship in their home canton. Each canton has its own grant regulations and so the prerequisites for and the amount of the grant as well as the necessary formalities and deadlines vary greatly from canton to canton.

Usually only nationally recognised post-compulsory first education or training (e.g. Matura followed by university studies or vocational education leading up to attendance at a university of applied science) to be undertaken at a public educational institution are eligible for scholarships.

For further information please contact educationsuisse – education in Switzerland.

Additional scholarships and loans educationsuisse

The cantons' financial means for educational grants are limited; therefore it can happen that, although the canton may recognise your need, it may not be able to award you a grant of the necessary amount. In such hardship cases, educationsuisse can step in and grants a loan or a supplementary scholarship in addition to your cantonal grant.

Other private foundations

There are also many private foundations which may be able to help. You can get an overview from the Federal Register of Foundations.

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